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 The people at Arcus have developed the MÜSING bows to offer a new level of performance in the $500 to $1,300 retail range. Compared to wooden bows they offer improved resiliency (elasticity) and they deliver a wider range of overtones than basic composite bows. They are designed to match the demands of all advanced students, amateurs, and professional players who seek an affordable bow with perfect strength and a really good sound.


Pernambuco: An Endangered Species

 In 2007 Pernambuco entered the CITES list of endangered species. Traditional bow makers are now living off existing stock and seem to be using mostly lesser qualities of wood for their lower priced bows. These bows often lack in resiliency (elasticity), which is especially problematic as even the best wooden bows are already too soft for modern strings. Bow makers have been trying to find alternative woods to replace Pernambuco, but so far without much success.


Improving the Sound of Basic Composite Bows...

 On the lower end of the market, composite bows are increasingly replacing wooden bows. They generally offer good resiliency and are more durable. Their biggest problem is that with their high resin content of about 60% (40% is carbon fibre), the high frequency overtones are greatly dampened. Initially the sound of such bows appears to be quite full and warm, but after a longer period of playing the lack of brilliance in the sound becomes very obvious and unacceptable. For this reason better players with trained ears rarely play low end carbon bows.


...Through a New Technology

 Until now the ARCUS bows were the only composite bows that offered better resonance than wooden bows. That is only possible because of a low resin content of about 20% (80% carbon fibres). But these bows are very difficult to make and labour intensive and can thus not be produced at low cost or in large quantities.
 For the MÜSING bows, Arcus has developed a new manufacturing technology: The shaft is made from 3D-woven carbon fibres and then infused with epoxy under high pressure. This way they achieve a relatively low resin content of about 40% (60% carbon fibres). The result is a resonance quality similar to high quality Pernambuco.


Great Performance, Handling, Comfort and Sound

 The MÜSING bows are designed with a curve and resiliency that offers very good strength and bounce. Though not as light and strong as ARCUS bows, they offer better performance than traditional bows. They are faster, easier to control and do not wobble. They also offer very good comfort, which is a great advantage for players that play a lot. Their sound is perfectly balanced, neither too bright nor too warm, with a very good overtone range.


High-Tech Made in Germany

 The MÜSING bows are entirely made in Germany and come with a 15 year warranty for the stick. This warranty is not limited to the original owner, as some manufacturers do, but can be transferred.