Ergonomic frog and button 

In order to perfectly meet your needs, the makers are constantly developing and optimizing their bows. That's how they worked out a modern, ergonomic design for the frog and the button (that's the little grip at the end of the stick) of the Müsing bows. This new design makes holding and handling the bow a bit easier and more comfortable.  

The Müsing C3 und C4 bows are available both either with a modern style frog or a classical cut frog. When you choose the right one for you, don't forget to also consider the position of your thumb.

Modern style frog and button

We pulled up the inner edge of the frog (next to the thumb leather) and made it slightly longer. If you, like most, place your thumb in front of the frog and on the thumb leather, this modern design is particularly comfortable because it increases the contact area between your thumb and the frog.

In addition, the star-shaped, five-winged button provides a surprisingly better grip when tightening and relaxing the bow. While with the classic octagonal button you might slip off from time to time, especially with sweaty hands or with bows that are difficult to tighten, like a cello bow, this modern design makes it super easy to tighten.


Classic style frog and button

If your thumb sits inside the throat of the frog, we recommend the classic style frog. Its front part is lower and more rounded, which provides excellent support and comfort. 

The beautiful one-piece button has a traditional octagonal shape, as you know it from conventional bows.