Adamas Acoustic Guitar String Set, Nuova Phosphor Bronze round core, 1818NURC, L 12-53

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  • The legendary Adamas Phosphor Bronze strings now available with Round Core with coated Nuova finish
  • Slowly wound high-end string
  • Round, instead of hexagonal core wire
  • The winding lies vcompletely on the core wire, thus longer sustain and amore balanced and harmonious sound.
  • The same wire thicknesses have lower string tension for a very comfortable playing feel
  • Roundcore strings must not be shortened BEFORE tightening, otherwise the wrap will loosen and the string will be unusable.
  • The DADGAD-tuning set 2020NURC is for the most popular open tuning, in which the E1, E6, H/B2 are tuned a whole tone lower. Our string strengths .013”, .017”, .024w”, .032w”, .042w”, .056w” sre perfectly adapted to this deeper tuning.
  • No single strings available
  • Item Code: 1818NURC