To celebrate their 20th anniversary, Arcus has designed a limited edition of very special bows. The elaborate outfits in gold and silver are absolutely unique, as are the sound and playing qualities. The sound is very dark and warm but at the same time incredibly rich in brilliance and overtones. Their playing is perfectly balanced and cover the entire spectrum from a whisper to unparalleled power.

To achieve this level of perfection, the crew at Arcus has spared no effort and has worked to such narrow specifications it would be impossible in regular production. We have found the workmanship to be absolutely flawless.

All anniversary bows have a silver and gold ring to symbolize two decades or innovation and dedication to making the perfect bow. The outfit of the "gold" editions includes a solid gold tip plate and a gold/black winding. The button features a golden mirror and the back plate has a golden center. The "silver" editions come with a solid silver winding, tip plate and button.

The limited edition means that we could only secure a few of these extraordinary bows for the US market, so if you are intrigued, we recommend not to wait. Any one of these bows could be gone tomorrow.


20th Anniversary Gold Violin Bow

20th Anniversary Silver Violin Bow


20th Anniversary Gold Viola Bow

20th Anniversary Silver Viola Bow

20th Anniversary Gold Cello Bow

20th Anniversary Silver Cello Bow